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Almonds in ruby chocolate with raspberries, 150g

Enjoy roasted almonds with the creamy and fruity taste of Ruby chocolate, highlighted by raspberry powder. 

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Love pebbles - Almonds in ruby chocolate, 150g

Ruby chocolate is made of special kind of cocoa beans from Ivory coast. Thanks to unique production procedures, chocolate keeps natural pink colour. Taste of Ruby chocolate is not bitter nor too sweet in combination with our almonds will leave you speechless.   

Code: 4306
110 mandle v horke cokolade se skorici 1kg
Almonds in dark chocolate with cinnamon, 1kg

Another of our best sellers! Dry-roasted almonds from California in dark chocolate and Ceylon cinnamon, awarded by double GREAT TASTE STAR in 2018. 

Code: 4206
200 karlovy mandle v horke cokolade a v chilli se soli 1kg
Almonds in dark chocolate with chilli and salt, 1kg

Do you like your chcolate exotic and spicy? Breathtaking combination of Californian almonds in dark chocolate with chilli and sea salt earned GREAT TASTE STAR YEAR 2017.

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