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Hot chocolate - milk 200g

€8,87 €4,44 / 100 g

Now you can prepare our hot chocolate at home! Instructions for preparation: Dissolve about 4 - 5 pralines in 50 -60 ml of hot cream or milk.


EN Ingredients: sugar, cocoa butter, dried milk, cocoa mass, dried whey, dried skimmed milk, emulsifiers: soya lecithin and E476, aroma: vanillin. Contain min. 10 % milk solids. Cocoa solids min. 43 %. May contain pea- nuts and nuts. Store in a cool and dry place. Made in Czech Republic.

Energetické hodnoty pro 100 g / Energetic value for 100 g: Energetická hodnota / Energetic value - 2562 kJ / 615 kcal; Tuky / Fat - 46,5 g, z toho nasycené mastné ky- seliny/ofwhichsaturates- 28,0g;Sacharidy/Carbohydrates-42,9g,ztohocukry/ ofwhichsugars-41,6g;Bílkoviny/Protein-4,3g;Sůl/ Salt-0,15g.


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