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Freeze Dried Strawberries in White Chocolate, 110 g
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Freeze Dried Strawberries in White Chocolate, 110 g

Inspired by trip to japan! Freeze-dried Strawberries covered in white chocolate. Something you must definitely try!

Code: 2025
krabicky zboku3
Almonds in milk chocolate with cinnamon, 150g

Taste our best seller! Dry-roasted almonds from California in milk chocolate and Ceylon cinnamon, awarded by GREAT TASTE STAR in 2016. 

Code: 2010
krabicky zboku1
Candied Orange pieces in dark chocolate and cocoa, 150g

Enjoy orange like never before! With cocoa powder and chocolate you love!

Code: 2021
z boku ruby
Ruby chocolate, 50g

Enjoy the creamy and fruity taste of Ruby chocolate.

Code: 3121
Aluna 44 vegan side MG 9606
Aluna - milk chocolate 44% with coconut milk

Aluna chocolates are our pride and glory. Due to delicate bean to bar process, unique recipe and coconut milk & coconut sugar instead of classic one, Aluna chocolate will provide you whole new experience...   

Code: 3128

 Prague chocolateSteiner & Kovarik

Love and passion... these two essential feelings formed the brand Steiner & Kovarik. 

Silvie Steiner and Petr Kovařík met in 2011. This connection of two souls, energies and visions built the foundation of family company Prague chocolate. On top of that, new philosophy emerged as well.

We love what we do and we do it joyfully! Weather it is picking up ingredients, designing our products, providing quality customer care or chocolate itself, we believe in honesty, originality, mutual respect and power of love. We believe that energy and feeling we put in, shapes not only visual and taste of our products, but also the feelings people got from it whole.

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