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Package of joy #giveandget 2000


Package of joy #giveandget


Gift a package full of joy and we will give you the same package in return, because we believe that everything should be in balance. Chocolate is an excellent stress reducer, improves mood and contains taxifoline, which has antiviral effects.


Choose someone from the front line or anyone you want to please and order one of our packages of joy at our eshop.


How can you do it?

At the eshop: select a package and before paying enter in the note for the seller the name and address, including the phone number of the person you want the package to be donated to. If you also wish to donate the second package, follow the same procedure. We will take care of free delivery of all donations and you can choose a delivery option that suits you the best.


Our recommendation to whom you could give the package:

- Doctors, nurses, pharmacists

- Paramedics, police

- Single mothers, caretakers

- Employees of public transport companies

- Vendors

- Volunteers who sew facemasks for others


If you cannot think of anyone, you can leave the choice to us.


Are you on board?




Category: Nuts in chocolate

Package of joy #giveandget 2000

Price 2000 czk

Content of offer:

Mandala: happiness, health, love, abundance, wisdom

Aluna: 44%, 55%, 66%, 77%, 88%

Sacred geometry: milk chocolate cinnamon, dark chocolate cinnamon, cocoa, ruby raspberry

Value 2442 czk

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